Anti Spyware Tips for Safe Computing

Just when you thought you were finally comfortable with the computer, along comes another thing to learn…security.Anti Spyware Tips for Safe Computing With more and more people online, it’s no surprise that we have to be increasingly careful about what we do and where we go online. In addition, we need to understand at least a little about safe computing and avoiding things like spyware. Spyware is one of those unfortunate side effects of computer technology and can have cause serious damage, both online and offline. These programs cause anything from annoying advertisements to appear at random to actually monitoring your web surfing and keystrokes so others can steal your personal info. But you don’t have to be a computer scientist to combat this growing problem. Some basic safe computing tips will help you avoid spyware and other similar internet nasties.

As scary as the idea of spyware might sound, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. First, there are quite a few things you can do to reduce the risk of a spyware infection or avoid it altogether. And for the most part, all of

How to Shut Your Computer Down Correctly

Shutting down your PC properly is very important and something everyone needs to be aware of. The reason why itHow to Shut Your Computer Down Correctly is important to shut your computer down properly is that programs will be running and if not closed or items you have been working on aren’t saved prior to shutting down, you may lose your work and programs may not work properly.

When you shut down your computer correctly, the computer closes all open programs and then shuts it down. It does not however, save your work, so be sure that you save your work before proceeding.

It isn’t necessary to turn your computer off every day as there are ways you can put it to sleep or into hibernation mode allowing you to get back to work quickly since your PC doesn’t need to start over from the beginning.

To turn off completely:

  • Click on your ‘start button’
  • Notice a field on the right that says ‘Shut down’, click on this
  • You then have a choice to shut down, restart, and more but since this is shutting down completely, click

Tips To Build Your Own Computer

There are many reasons why computer users choose to build their own computers; one of the most common is thatTips To Build Your Own Computer they are gamers or high end computer users and have specific needs that do not come with your store bought pre-built computer. This will be a brief tutorial on the important factors and parts you need when you build your own computer. We will give you the specific parts and a brief description of each.

The first component you will need is the tower and power supply. The tower is also called the case. You want to ensure you have a case that will offer the correct amount of ventilation for your components. Most towers will allow for a motherboard, two hard drives, USB port, video card and one or two DVD or CD-DVD players/burners. Pricing can be as low as twenty five dollars up to the one hundred and maybe even more.

Probably the most important component aside from the CPU that you will buy and one you should give the most attention too is the motherboard. This is the backbone of

How to Buy a Wireless Modem For a Desktop Computer

So you want to purchase a new wireless modem. This is a type of modem that uses a wireless network rather than using telephone cable to connect. There are many advantages to using this type of modem. It attaches you directly to a wireless internet service provider.

Before buying, you need to consider many things. Here are some tips in choosing a reliable wireless modem for your desktop computer:

Tip 1: Try to contact your internet service provider first to find out if they are offering a package for their services. Today, most companies who offer wireless internet services now include a modem to go with it. In this way, you can be assured the modem is of utmost compatibility to the ISP.

Tip 2: If your ISP does not include this device in their services, you can look for reliable ones. You can log in online to find the ones that have received the best ratings. Look at the over-all rating and read reviews so you can find if this is really the best.

Tip 3: Find out what features you want to see in your modem. The entry level modems have the

How to Improve Slow Computer Performance to Get a Lightning Fast PC in Minutes

Have you been buying various kinds of software just to optimize your computer and find how to improve slow computer performance? Have you exhausted a lot of your time tweaking your system and found your computer is still slow?

If it is so slow that you feel like throwing it out the window there is a solution to this. Here are some tips to speed up your slow computer.

Tip 1.

Defragment your computers hard drive. You simply click on the start menu then accessories then system tools. The procedure may take a lot of time but it will remove and reorder fragmented files in your disk drives. When fragmented files are corrected you will noticeable improvement in your computers performance.

Tip 2.

The next procedure is the removal of unwanted files in your hard drive. This will include the software applications that are installed but are dormant or not used. If your work requires you to work with lots of images, documents and files then removing old files will help you find a solution to how to improve slow computer performance.

Tip 3.

When you experience a slowdown in your

How to Speed Up Your Computer Without Upgrading Your Hardware

Slow working computers are counterproductive and irritating. Many people get irritated to wait more than 5 minutes for the computer to get started and more than 1 minute to execute a program. Computers slow due to software issues. It is fact that more than 95% of the individuals are not utilizing their computer’s full speed. To have the maximum outcome from your computer, you have to make sure that your computer is running at its top speed before upgrading the hardware.

Majority of the individuals spend lot of money on purchasing latest software and end up making their computer’s performance slower. It is not a difficult task to speed up computer programs, but you have to spend some time with your computer.

Few Speed up Computer Tips:

The main reason behind the slow start up of your computer is loads of startup programs. You may have installed various programs that startup automatically after your computer is started. It is important to uninstall these unimportant startup programs. In addition, if you need a particular program that start ups automatically, then you may find an option in the settings menu of that program to disable the start

How to Use Long File Names to Make Your Computer Easier and More Organized

Have you ever been stuck in traffic behind a car with one of those custom license plates like “LUVYZ1” and you’re scratching your head for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what on Earth it’s supposed to mean?

I was doing that earlier today on my way home and it made me think of a computer tip I thought I’d share with you to make your computer more organized and easier to use.

Back in the day when I first got into computers, the names of files on your computer were a lot like custom car license plates: you had a very limited amount of space to name the file and so you were forced to come up with weird abbreviations just like you see on license plates.

To this day I still have a few really old Word files which have names such as “MITYLIKE.DOC” where I had to try to describe what the file was in the 8 characters I was given to do so. (If you’re not sure what I mean by “characters”, that’s the term that includes letters, numbers, and punctuation) If you’re wondering, the above example is

Virus Removals

One of the most common computer repairs is virus removals or adware and spyware removals. Unfortunately, Small businesses are attacked every day by new and inventive virus programs which steal critical company information and customer details, and destroy critical data. At the same time, more users are not taking the appropriate actions to prevent installing viruses on their computers.

Like having to go to the dentist for a yearly checkup and teeth cleaning, you’re inevitably going to have to hire a computer technician to complete a virus removal on your employee’s computers or computer network.

Here are some “apple a day” important computer tips to share with your employees to prevent getting a virus in the first place:

1) Secure your network and each individual machine with proper Anti-virus software. One of the most common mistakes small businesses make is to assume that their network is properly secured. The “You get what you pay for” adage applies here. Your server and each individual machine must have appropriate anti-virus software installed.

2) Make sure your wireless network is secure. Don’t allow unauthorized users to access your internal network by keeping an open door you’re your

Simple Tips to Save Time Using Windows

The following 2 tips will save you time and make you more organised when using your computer.

Tip: Arranging Icons on your Desktop

Step 1

It is very easy for our screen to become cluttered up with so many programs and software. If we do not organise them in a systematic manner it can make matters confusing, stressful and time confusing trying to find the program or folder you want. To avoid this you can arrange your icons on your desktop. For example, you can arrange them into tidy rows and columns or you can arrange them into the most recently viewed. To do this use your mouse and right click the desk top icon, select View in the drop down menu. If Auto Arrange is selected then turn it off. You can tell if it is on as their will be a tick in front of it.

Step 2

In the desktop drop down menu select Sort by. Here you will see a number of options to arrange the icons as follows:

• Name

• Size

• Type

• Date

Choose the option that you wish to

Small Wireless Speakers

Let’s use the Klipsch LightSpeaker as an example. These small wireless speakers can be installed as light fixtures in Edison sockets to provide ambient audio entertainment, wirelessly. The manufacturers of this new audio entertainment product were given a 2010 CES Innovations Award for combining power-saving features and wireless audio technology. Wouldn’t you want to replace your expensive light bulbs and other light fixtures in your rooms with these wireless speakers and save more from lower power bills, all while simultaneously enhancing your home entertainment system’s audio?

These small wireless speakers come bundled with a transmitter set. You need to plug these transmitters to the audio output sockets of your computer or home entertainment system. These transmitters, well, transmit digital audio signals from your computer or home entertainment system, straight to those light fixture speakers, without wires, that is.

Configuring the audio settings of your computer or home entertainment system is all it takes to maximize your audio entertainment experience. There are different presets for each media content type and audio genre. You can customize these presets to best suit your taste.

Placing these Klipsch LightSpeaker small wireless speakers in strategic places around the room will

Tips to Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape

Computer repair can be costly. You’ll probably dedicate hours of your time before you decide to contact a shop that will cost you at least $100 to fix a problem that could have been avoided. Sometimes, hardware fails and you’re out of warranty. It’s not your fault and there was really nothing you could do. However, most of the problems that PC users experience can be avoided through proper maintenance. Here are five tips to keep your computer in shape and prevent a worst case scenario:

Tip #1: Save all the CDs that were provided with your newly purchased computer! This is especially important when buying second hand computers that already have software installed such as Microsoft Office. If ever you need to reinstall your operating system, you will have trouble getting your sound, internet or camera working without the driver software from the CDs. Additionally, you’ll need the product keys you used to register any software you bought. Keep everything!

Tip #2: Backup your important data TODAY. Not tomorrow, not later, not next week. RIGHT NOW is the best time to backup any data you cannot do without. Data recovery is often possible on dead

Tips For Buying Your First Apple Computer

As always making a computer purchase is normally not a easy task, your always looking the best bang for your buck, is it a good product etc. Especially, if you are thinking about switching from a Windows based computer to something you have never really heard before called an Apple Computer or Macintosh.

I know when I thought about doing the switch myself I had not a clue on what to expect on my purchase or which computer Apple offered was the right one for me. I am going to try to help you decided on which Apple computer is right for you out of my personal experience, when deciding to make the switch from Windows to Apple (OS X).

I am going to break down each Apple computer, by giving you my thoughts and opinions what I think is the best for certain types of users, as well what will work and what won’t. Every person has a different agenda when using a computer, some for Graphic Design, Video Editing, Web Surfing etc. That leaves some Apple computers better then others depending what you see yourself using the computer for.

Apple Laptops


Take the Performance of Your Computer to the Next Level

Keeping your computer running at its peak can be a hassle. I optimize my PC by using a few simple techniques which I’ve decided to share with you. If your system seems to be lagging, one of these tips might just help speed things up a bit.

Free Disk Space – For starters, every computer comes with a hard drive of specified size. Most of them now are over 100 GB in size. That should be enough, right? Not necessarily. Your hard drive should never go over 50% of used space. Why? It will take the system longer to access files and folders when there is more to search through. Plus, the operating system (Windows) needs a set amount of space for things like temp files, recycle bins, etc. So make sure you remove any unnecessary files off your hard drive. Use such media as CD/DVD, external hard drive, USB flash drives as well as others to transfer your data.

Defrag the Hard Drive – Here is a vital step in keeping up the speed of your machine. Tell me, how long would it take you to move four cars to the center of a 400×400

Tips For Speeding Up a New Computer

Buying a new laptop computer with all the latest software and operating system installed is a heaven… for some that is. But for others who have been dealing with a lot of problems, specifically with the computer speed, it is as close as regretting ever buying a new system and shouting “Give me back my old computer!” Ironic, isn’t it?

In all fairness to the new laptops and desktops, yes, of course, they have their share of exceptional things such as higher specs, the great interface, design and appearance and brand new programs plus other add-ons such as widgets, and the like. Unfortunately, after quite some time, these consumers do not get to enjoy these new things anymore since they need to lessen their use of it. Why? Their computer is slowing down. Thus, to make computer faster has been their agenda ever since. Come to think of it, what’s the use of buying a new one when you cannot feel its beneficial effects?

So what is causing the sluggish performance of the computers? The new add-ons that new operating systems have may be the cause of the poor speed of some computers…may not be either.

Computer Safety Tips You May Not Know About

We live in a world where there are many threats as soon as you log on to surf the net, check your email or do some simple research. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to protect yourself with knowledge. So here are 7 tips that will greatly aid you in protecting your identity and your computer.

1. Use A Proxy Hider. These are perfectly legal and it’s your every right to use one, because anonymity is becoming a thing of the past now days. Simple Google “proxy hider” and you will find a series that are very good. Voila! You can now surf the internet and remain anonymous.

2. Keep everything up to date. Your browser is usually overlooked, but keeping the plugins up to date will keep your surfing experience a little bit safer.

3. Use an anti-spyware/malware scanner. I like Malewarebytes and SpyBot, which are a good start, but there are many others. The thing is, you need to keep them updated and run them at least once a week.

4. Firefox and javascript don’t mix well. If you are going to be visiting a website that has lots of

Ways to Speed Up You Windows Computer Without Any Upgrades

In this article I will show you the secrets to speed up your computer without spending hundreds on upgrades. This way you will save loads of money and will get the maximum of your machine.

To get the maximum speed of your computer you must take real care of your computer. What I mean is: imagine you have a horse and you want your horse to win every race, for that you must train the horse and make sure that he does not carry to much weight on his back. Because if he does it is likely to reduce his speed.

Same principals applies to your computer. You see if you put to much “trash” on your computer it will slow down.

So my first tip is to delete all the unnecessary files that you have stored on your machine.

Like training the horse you must also “train your computer”. What I mean is your let the computer recognize all the files and folders that you have on your machine.

For that my second tips is to perform the disk defragmenter tool. This tool will index all the files using the PC

Computer Maintenance

More often than not when a computer starts to slow down the majority of people tend to think the computer may have a fault or be getting worn out. While in some cases this may very well be true, but in many cases it is simply a case of clearing up all the bits and pieces that your computer collects as you surf the Internet. Things such as Cache, Cookies, and History are collected all the time and while they may be small snippets of information after a while they become quite large files and will slow a computer down quite considerably. Cleaning these up is done fairly simply and will increase the speed of your computer once again…

In this day and age media seems to be a computers biggest memory drain, but with modern manufacturers aware of this they tend to create them with much bigger memories in order to cater for all the Games, Photographs, and Music that the PC will be submitted to.

Older computers sometimes suffer if they are used in the same way as they simply cannot cope with running all of these things on the main drive and trying

Refurbished Computers

Surfing across the internet I have somehow come across many people who wouldn’t really think of or even imagine themselves using computers that are used, second-hand or refurbished as you may call it. They often have doubts in their minds regarding as to “why the computer was returned in the first place? “

To some extent I would agree on the fact that when you buy a refurbished pc, I too would simply have some repercussions because there is no certain proof as to if your purchases are going to be as delighting as you saw in the pictures, or might be holding some kind of problem already. There is no such possibility for you to be sure of such a fact. This is the exact reason why some people fail to get what they desire. They never tend to look for proper, reliable sources for buying but simply because “eBay” or “” had provided them with people selling products for cheap appealed to them they would opt for it. Conclusion “you blow your whistle”. You get dissatisfied with a piece of junk rolled up in frills for which you had given $200-300 bucks through PayPal.

Tips to Keep Your System Running Smoothly

It’s always important to have your PC running up to par, but sometimes, that’s not always the case. Your computer might be suffering from a malware attack or you might need a RAM upgrade. Then again, you might just need to run a simple update on your system. Regardless of what performance lag you’re experiencing, these simple tips can help to ensure that your system stays running smoothly at all times.

Windows Update – It’s best to keep this on an automated schedule, and just check for extra updates periodically. Sometimes, your PC will get critical security updates, and other times, there will be patches that help your computer maintain its efficiency. You should run these updates daily, hence, the reason for suggesting that you automate it. In doing so, your computer system will stay up to date, and working properly.

Latest Program Version – You should always be running the latest program versions on your system. If you don’t update your programs, you will start to notice that your system starts to slow down. Outdated programs can cause this problem, so everyone once in a while, do a quick check to make sure you’re running

Basics For Improving Computer Performance

Computer performance is one of the things that is taken into consideration when buying or using a personal computer, more commonly referred to as a PC. A PC relies on many things to keep itself working at full capacity. Computer speed is a factor which determines the computer performance level of the PC this is determined by the available memory, free space and random access memory, more commonly known as RAM, when computer work moves smoothly without a hitch that makes the working or even playing experience more worthwhile.

But a computer moving at a snail’s pace is not something to be discouraged. The speed at which the computer moves at is not only affected by the RAM and such, but also by the number of open windows or programs running at the same time. All these windows and programs affect each other, the computer must equally distribute its available resources among the different tasked set out by the computer user. Another thing that affects computer performance is the presence of adware and spyware.

These two types of programs are possibly beneficial and harmful to one’s computer. Depending on their manufacturer and the purpose of the